The HiTemp Advantage

Catalytic Oxidizer

HiTemp Technology (HTT) offers the industry's only FIVE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on High-Efficiency Thermal and Low-Temp Catalytic Oxidizer Systems.

HTT is responsive to customer needs, even on short notice:

Precision Castparts needed a 10,000 SCFM Catalytic Oxidizer System to be operational in less than 6 weeks

II Stanley of Battle Creek, Michigan needed a 25,000 SCFM Catox System with preheat in only 8 weeks

A customer in Texas needed a 500 lb/hr Rotary Kiln operating in 8 weeks

A coffee roaster need odor control for a roaster in only 4 days

GAF Roofing Systems suffered a lightning strike to their control system stopping production until HTT had them back on line in 24 hours

Honeywell's Fram Filter Division was loosing 5% of production time due to faulty pollution control equipment when HTT came to the rescue

HTT FIVE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY allows our clients to be confident about the dependability of their system. HTT offers 100 to 50,000 SCFM systems with destruction efficiencies over ninety-nine (>99%) percent. Our proprietary, Low-Temp Catalyst is able to operate at 400 to 500oF. At this temperature, the operating costs are lower than RTO systems.

Substantially lower initial cost and faster delivery makes a HiTemp system a much more attractive solution to meeting your environmental requirements. If you have VOC emissions challenges, we can help you quickly solve them in the most cost-effective way possible.

Why call HiTemp Technology?

No Cost AAA Priority Delivery available
No Cost On-site process evaluation
No Cost Permit application assistance
No Cost On-site installation assistance
No Cost On-site start-up assistance
No Cost Training for operating personnel