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Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer Manufacturer | HiTemp TechnologySince 1982, HiTemp Technology (HTT) is a custom manufacturer of thermal catalytic oxidizers, fume incinerators and oxidizer systems featuring enclosed flares, rotary kilns and moving-earth scrubber systems to control methane gas emissions for eco-friendly industrial applications.

HiTemp's customers range from manufacturers that use solvents in their production processes, to SVE site remediation systems, to enclosed flares for control of landfill gasses, to disposal of solid waste to produce steam or electricity.

HiTemp has a client list that includes such well known companies and government entities as Johnson & Johnson, Norton, Weetabix Cereal Corp., Honeywell, the U.S. Army, Fuji Electric, Monsanto Chemical, Jensen Pharmaceuticals and Union-Carbide. See the complete list of HiTemp References.

Always at the cutting-edge of new and unique technology, HiTemp is in the process of building a Waste-To-Energy system in Travandrum, India. An architectural rendering is shown in the image below.Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer Manufacturer | HiTemp Technology

All of the systems designed by HiTemp pay special attention to ease of installation and maintenance while featuring long operating life to reduce replacement costs. Many components are selected for easy access anywhere in the world and control panels are designed to interface seamlessly with most PLC and computer controls.

Most HiTemp systems are manufactured here in the United States or, to further reduce initial costs, some may be built internationally closer to their point of installation.

HiTemp offers the only Five-Year Limited Warranty in the industry. This warranty guarantees to the original purchaser that all components manufactured by HTT are free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of five years from the date of installation. Warranties for components purchased by HTT from other suppliers are limited to those offered by their respective manufacturers.

Whatever your environmental needs, HiTemp Technology is ready to be your environmental partner and assist you with finding the best possible, most cost-effective solutions. For more information on other products we design and manufacture, complete our Contact Form.

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Customer References:

Alliron Corp - HiTemp designed one of the largest liquid and solid waste Hazmat Facilities in the the Philippines, which became operational in 2005, to process various materials from chemical and production plants. Mr. Nic Lazaro - +63 917 843 7352

Kentex International & Engineering Corp - 2006 50 TPD Hazmat Rotary Kiln, Taiwan Petro China 2004. This system included feed material sorting, conveyor system, feed screw, Main chamber designed for 22000F operation, dump stack valve, wet ash discharge, dry cyclone, quencher, scrubber, baghouse, and main exhaust fan and stack. Mr. Jason Lin - +88 6-2-26981577

Tucson Metal, Tucson, Arizona 85713 - This Rotary Kiln system is located in El Paso, Texas and is used to burn drugs and other confiscated materials by the DEA, US Department of Immigration and the FBI. The system features a manual feed due to the different types of items that need to be destroyed. Mr. Steve Kippur - +1 520-884-1554.

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