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Thermal Oxidizer Systems |HiTemp Technology

HiTemp manufactures thermal oxidizer systems, also called fume incineration systems, as well as one of the most efficient dual fuel electric and gas catalytic oxidizers on the market with applications for Soil Vapor Extractors (SVE), Volatile Organic Compunds (VOC), and Carbon (CO) emissions. We have developed technology in thermal and catalytic fume incineration systems utilizing a two-pass design with preheat exchangers for VOC disposal. Destruction efficiency of our catalyst systems can be as high as 95% to 99% or more, with some of the lowest operating costs in the industry.

SVE applications will typically have high VOC levels during the first few months of operation. For those applications we recommend using a thermal oxidizer containing a catalyst module. HiTemp thermal systems can operate safely with VOC levels as high as 50% and operating temperatures up to 2,000oF (1,093oC).

HiTemp Thermal Oxidizer System Types

HiTemp Systems can be designed for two basic types of waste gas streams. The most common type has a waste gas stream that is mostly ambient air containing a small quantity of VOCs. For this type of system, the size selected is based on the flow rate in SCFM.

Handling the second type of waste gas stream is more complicated as it contains little or no oxygen but high concentrations of VOCs. The system design must account for the amount of combustion air necessary to burn all the stream hydrocarbons while adding sufficient combustion air so the final exhaust gas contains a minimum of 8 to 10 percent oxygen.

HiTemp System Options

HiTemp Systems have available options to suit each customer's individual needs:
  • Preheat Exchangers
  • Induced-draft or Secondary Combustion Blower
  • Flame Arrester
  • Data Logging
  • Modulating dilution air T-fittings
  • Stack Extensions
  • Additional Catalyst Modules

HiTemp Catalytic Oxidizers function the same as a thermal oxidizer with the major difference being the operating temperature necessary for destruction of the VOCs. Our Lo-Temp Catalyst can operate effectively at temperatures as low as 400oF (204oC) in some applications. The fuel savings at these lower temperatures can be extremely significant for reducing system operating costs.

Note: Catalysts cannot be used in applications where chemical poisons or particulates are present such as sulphur oxides (SOX) and silicone compounds.

HiTemp Catalytic and Thermal Oxidizer Systems utilize modular, interchangeable components with easy access for repairs and maintenance. Our design utilizes basic control and combustion systems so we can design, build and ship a complete unit in half the time normally required for standard site assembled units. In certain situations, we can have a system on site and operational within 3 to 4 months from the date the order is placed.

Since our systems are modular, replacement parts and capacity increases can be made without major changes to the basic design.

Coffee Roaster Afterburners

Hitemp has designed and developed a line of coffee roaster afterburner systems that use natural gas or propane burners to heat coffee roaster waste gases to 800-1200oF (425-650oC) breaking down harmful by-products and particulate. The resulting exhaust stream is clean and virtually free of smoke and odor. Our systems are designed to operate with variable air flow and fuel allowing them to be adjusted accordingly. By adding only as much fuel as the process requires, we achieve low overall operating costs and keep the chamber at the required set-point temperature.

Typical Coffee Roaster Afterburner systems include:
  • Refractory-lined, carbon steel combustion chamber with flanged inlet and outlet connections
  • Control panel with digital temperature controller
  • Natural gas or propane burner with integral combustion blower
  • Gas valve train with solenoid shut-off valve
  • Flame-rod detection, and gas butterfly valve with modulating control motor

Note: Higher roaster flow rates require larger combustion chambers and burners.

HiTemp also supplies optional items:
  • Elevated floor support structures
  • Ducts and exhaust stacks
  • Specialized controls

Note: Customers purchasing coffee roaster afterburner systems are responsible for shipping, rigging, inlet ducting, exhaust stack sections, on-site electrical and gas connections, obtaining any necessary permits and system testing.

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