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Drawing on our extensive experience with rotary kiln technology, HiTemp has developed a municipal solid waste disposal process that utilizes modified shipping containers to form a modular system with a capacity of from 10 to 100 tons per day. If increased capacity is needed, multiple units can be combined to form a larger system.

Our waste disposal control and combustion systems are designed with modular, interchangeable components to allow easy access for repairs and maintenance. This approach allows us to design, build and ship our systems in half the time normally required by standard site assembled units. Based on the customer's needs, we can have a system on site and operational within 3 to 4 months from when the system is ordered. Since our systems are modular, replacement parts and capacity increases can be made without major changes to the basic design.

The HiTemp Systems are primarily designed for Type 0-1 (paper, cardboard, etc.) solid waste. For continuous feeding of solid waste we offer the option of a screw feeder, which is available for all systems. An optional storage hopper attached to the feeder will allow continuous, unattended operation for hours.

HiTemp Systems can include mission control devices to meet local codes and requirements and we can assist with equipment and control interfacing. With our help, customers that are presently operating this type of process can now add the flexibility a rotary system offers.

Our systems can be shipped by truck for on-site assembly, further reducing costs. The HTT-50RK-AB-G (50 Tons Per Day) series and larger, are built within the dimensions of a standard sea shipping container. Total system capacity for each unit is based on the heat value of the waste material, which can average 6,000 to 7,000 BTU per pound for type 0-1 waste. For different materials, such as those containing high percentages of plastics or water, the capacity value is adjusted.

HiTemp MSW System Types

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Systems are available in two design configurations to suit each customer's individual needs:

  • Stationary Hearth
  • Rotary Kiln

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