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Soil Vapor Extractors  | HiTemp Technology LLC

Hitemp offers the world's first Catalytic Soil Vapor Extractor (SVE) Systems having the capability to operate as either an Electric or as a Gas Fired System. Our systems feature a unique design using a basic core shell with an integral Preheat Exchanger and catalyst module to achieve a 98% destruction efficiency. The catalyst module incorporates a flange for mounting an electric heating element or gas burner. Each heating system comes with a Nema-4 WP Panel and all necessary operating components.

Our systems also allow customers to easily change the unit from electric to gas fired, or vice versa, in about 2 hours so a single system can be used for both electric or gas applications.

HiTemp SVE System Types

The Electric System comes with Honeywell temp controls, SSR and shutoffs. Starters can be also be included for an integral blower or external controls upon request.

The Gas System comes with a Hoffman Nema-4 panel incorporating UL and FM combustion components including Honeywell flame safety and valve train.

The HiTemp system utilizes a vertical configuration to minimize the equipment footprint and save space. The system is mounted on a skid for ease of shipping and handling and the mounting of any optional components. For ease of maintenance, each system is bolted together so no parts are hidden allowing easy access for inspection and repair of all heat exchanger welds. This design also allows for easy cleaning or replacement of the burner and electric heating elements. A site-assembled scaffold with a chain fall is used to access the catalyst module.

HiTemp SVE System Options

HiTemp Soil Vapor Extractor Systems have available options to suit each customer's individual needs:

  • Electric Heating System
  • Natural Gas Burner
  • ID Blower
  • Spark Arrester
  • Data Logging
  • Dillution Air Control T-valve

For Additional Information

Please visit our Downloads page, or contact us directly using the Contact Form to discuss your system needs.

To find out how HiTemp Tech can lower your operating costs, you can call us at:

+1 908 500 7500

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Tube-type Preheat Exchanger
Soil Vapor Extractor System with Optional Equipment
150 SCFM SVE Shell with Bolt-On Type Catalyst Module
Assembling Soil Vapor Extractor System
300 SCFM SVE Electric Systems with Optional Blower and Flame Arrester
Soil Vapor Extractor System Details
HiTemp Soil Vapor Extractor System Installation
Soil Vapor Extractor System Typical Control Panel