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Rotary Dryer Modules

The municipal solid waste (MSW) typically contains 30 to 40% moisture content. Material to be dried is shredded and fed into a storage and conveyor system by separate methods. The system conveyor feeds the material to the Rotary Dryer Modules with each module being able to process 500kg per hour.

rotary dryer unitrotary dryer screwrotary dryer module schematic

A variable speed screw moves the material through the dryer while an external steam jacket heats the chamber with a combination of direct contact and indirect heating to remove any water from the material. The material discharge is then deposited into a separate discharge conveyor for removal.

The rotary dryer systems can work on powders and sludge for removal of water, oil and solvents. Operating temperatures and process requirements determine sizing, heating methods and production capacity. Many applications may require tests to be performed to optimize system design. Connections are also provided for steam and condensate or thermal fluids and can be located at either the feed or discharge points.

Rotary dryer systems are modular so modules can be arranged in multiple units of two (2) that can handle 1 metric ton per hour. Total capacity of each system depends on the steam pressure and moisture content requirements.

municipal solid waste screw dryermunicipal solid waste screw dryer