HiTemp Rotary Kiln, Philippines

Meet Stricter Emissions Requirements With a Rotary Kiln Do you need to meet stricter emissions standards at manufacturing or waste disposal locations? If the answer is YES, HiTempTech Corporation has a system to help you breathe easier!

HiTempTech Corporation has more than thirty-five years of experience with the design, manufacture, and installation of combustion, gasification, heat recovery and process heating systems. Our customers include:

  • Manufacturers using solvents in their production processes
  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) remediation sites
  • Municipal Solid Waste to Energy locations producing steam or electricity

HiTemp Rotary Kiln systems and components are specifically designed for:

  • Sourcing ease at most locations around the world
  • Ease of installation featuring modular design
  • nterface with virtually all laptop computers and computer controls
  • Maximum oxidation and minimal particulate emissions
  • Simplified routine maintenance and component replacement
  • Reduced operating and fuel costs
  • Long operational life

Customers having a preferred component supplier are encouraged to have their supplier work directly with HiTemp to jointly develop a complete system.

HiTemp Rotary Kiln systems are also offered with several options for emissions control or heat recovery to steam, hot water and electricity.

All HiTemp Rotary Kiln Gasifier systems are designed with specifications best suited to the materials being burned. HiTemp has developed excellent systems for the gasification of sludge for both hazardous and non- hazardous solid waste applications. Our rotary kiln system design matches the sludge and solid waste burning demands based on speed and temperature requirements. Typical HiTemp rotary kiln operating temperature is 800oC with refractory lining having heat resistance up to 1,400oC. The Secondary Chamber is designed for an operating temperature of 1000oC to ensure any carbon monoxide (CO) remaining in the waste gas is completely burned.

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