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HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace System Overview

The Processor Tube System is designed using three separate components. Due to the carbon process materials, a one-quarter inch, high-temperature, 304 stainless steel alloy cylinder is used for the contact surface. The processor tube system is installed inside a refractory-lined outer shell housing. Mating sections are furnished at the feed and discharge end and include inert, gas-charged seals to make these sections as oxygen tight as possible.

All high-temperature stainless steel contact surfaces have flanged connections for the feed, stack and an optional powered-screw discharge.

Each HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace System includes:

  • Inlet Stationary System with Feed/Discharge Pipe
  • Piping for Gas Testing
  • Hopper and Screw to feed material
  • Gas Vent Port
  • Rotary Drive System Motor(s)
  • Full Control System with Sensors

System Specifications:

  • Reaction Tube inner diameter - 36 inches (91.5 cm)
  • Reaction Tube inner length - 192 inches (488 cm)
  • Approximate Outer Shell width - 60 inches (152.5 cm)
  • Approximate Outer Shell length - 216 inches (549 cm)
  • Gas-fired Burners - 3 Midco J121-3-G

HiTemp System Basic Components

The proposed system components can be custom-built to match the customer’s design parameters and specifications. System blowers, control components and other necessary items to complete installation are to be purchased locally, or from US sources.

HiTemp can provide recommendations for building and grounds plans to be used for the project at the customer’s plant location. This can be a CAD file in dwg or dfx formats.

Rotary Feeder/Discharge Screw Tube (This feeds and empties the processor). The feeder tube is constructed from a high-temperature alloy material. A double block can be added to minimize leakage during the material feed process.

Main Rotary and Secondary Chamber with stack. The main chamber includes support rings and wheels with bearings, kiln seals, drive motor and gear system, shell stabilizer and stationary section with discharge hopper.

System Options

  • Powered screw discharge

Storage On Site

All equipment must be stored under building cover in a dry, frost-free, warm and pest-free environment. Failure to store correctly may result in damage to the equipment.

System Shipping and Delivery

HiTemp ships all system components and necessary parts to the installation site including freight and all documentation. Shipping charges are billed separately.

Shipping terms are FOB origin.

Installation and System Commissioning

HiTemp can provide the services of one operating engineer to assist during site design, installation and system commissioning. HiTemp can also assist with start-up and training of operating and maintenance personnel.

Travel and per diem expenses are not included.

Maintenance Warranty

Each HiTemp Indirect-Fired, Rotary Process Furnace includes a limited warranty for a period of twelve (12) months from date of delivery. At its discretion, HiTemp shall repair or replace, free of charge, any defects in material or workmanship. Damage caused by customer’s lack of regular servicing, normal wear and tear, accident, and misuse, Acts of God or War are specifically excluded.

Operating and Maintenance Manuals

Two sets of operating and maintenance manuals are included in electronic and print formats. All system component operating and maintenance manuals are provided as PDF files. HiTemp is to generate system startup, operating, scheduled maintenance and troubleshooting manuals. Files and manuals are to be updated as necessary during the installation and startup. Operators are provided access to all info via an onsite computer so wiring, system components and PLC programs can be viewed and monitored in real-time.

System Support

Customer may contact HiTemp with questions or concerns at no additional charge for the life of the system.

Equipment and Items NOT Included with Systems:

  • Concrete foundations or building work
  • Covering structures or buildings
  • Crane hire for off-loading system components
  • Chimneys and erection work at installation site
  • Supply and installation of materials for wiring between incinerator control panel and site electrical supply
  • Any site work other than specified in system contract

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Manufacturing HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace
HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace Outer Shell
HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace Reaction Tube
HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace Reaction Tube Construction
HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace System Assembly
HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace System Control Panel
Shipping Modular-Design HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace System
HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Process Furnace System Control Panel