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Who we are

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HiTemp Technology (HTT) is a leading designer and manufacturer of waste to energy and high temperature fume incinerators.

What we do

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HiTemp specializes in:
Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers
Electric/Gas Oxidizers for SVE applications
Marine Waste Oil Combustion Systems
Enclosed Flares
Rotary Kiln Systems

Save the environment

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Our systems help save the environment by allowing our customers to achieve 95-99% removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from their manufacturing processes.

Trash to energy

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HiTemp has developed systems capable of handling from 10 to 100 tons of municipal trash per day capacity. Multiple units may be installed to form larger systems. This technology can also be cost effective in turning municipal waste into electricity.

HiTemp Specializes in Indirect-Fired Rotary Kilns

For processing and calcining organic and non-organic materials to produce Activated Charcoal, Biochar and Syngas. Learn more...

Featured Product

HiTemp Indirect Fired Rotary Kiln Process Systems

HiTemp's new Rotary Kiln based, Indirect-Fired Rotary Process System is designed to create a low oxygen, or inert atmosphere condition inside the stainless steel chamber. The kiln chamber rotates to mix and heat materials up to 1,650oF (900oC), which is necessary to manufacture carbon for Activated Charcoal filtration media, processing and recovering precious metals or drying waste sludge.

The System can also be used for thermal processsing of waste plastics for conversion into fuels or oils, or to create bio-gas from hydrocarbons for Waste-to-Energy systems...

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Our Recent Projects

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From Our Blog

Meet Stricter Emissions Requirements with a Rotary Kiln Posted On 14 February 2019

Do you need to meet stricter emissions standards at manufacturing or waste disposal locations? If the answer is YES, HiTemp Technology has a system to help you breathe easier! HiTemp Technology has more than thirty-five years of experience with the design, manufacture, and installation of combustion, gasification, heat recovery and process heating systems. ...

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Case Studies

How HiTemp saved FiberTech Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Posted On 18 May 2017

Many thermal catalytic oxidizers were built years ago and they can be difficult to properly maintain and repair because the original manufacturer has closed. Since HiTemp Technology has been in business for over 35 years, we have a lot of experience with many different types of oxidizers and can usually repair expensive systems so that appropriate EPA compliance is continued and no fines are incurred.

About Us

About HiTemp Technology

Since 1982, HiTemp Technology (HTT) manufactures custom, high-temperature catalysts, fume incinerators and oxidizer systems featuring enclosed flares, rotary kilns and moving-earth scrubber systems to control methane gas emissions for eco-friendly industrial applications. HiTemp's customers range from manufacturers that use solvents in their production processes, to SVE site remediation systems, to enclosed flares for control of landfill gasses, to disposal of solid waste to produce steam or electricity...

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